RPS Africa provides Project Management Services for a broad spectrum of Electrical Installations including:

  • Electrical Distribution Management Services and Revenue Protection, Tariff Investigations and Integrated Management Systems.
  • Management of Turnkey Electrical Reticulation Projects
  • Management of Turnkey Industrial, Electrical, new installations and refurbishments
  • Management of Electrical Maintenance projects
  • Management of Outsourced Services, including Facilities Management
  • Management of community Based Contractors in Electrical Infrastructure Development Projects


Project controls are the data gathering, management and analytical processes used to predict, understand and conclusively influence the time and cost outcomes of a project or program; through the communication of information in formats that assist effective management and decision taking. This encompasses all stages of a project or program’s lifecycle from the initial estimating needed to ‘size’ a proposed project, through to reflective learning and the forensic analysis needed to understand the causes of failure. Project Controls encompass the people, processes and tools used to plan, manage and mitigate cost and schedule issues and any risk events that may impact a project. In other words, Project Control is essentially equivalent to the project management process stripped of its facilitating sub-processes for safety, quality, organizational, behavioural, and communications management.

Project Controls discipline encompasses:

  • Project strategy, undertaking planning and methods studies to help the PM optimise future outcomes
  • Scheduling including development, updating and maintenance
  • Cost estimation, cost engineering/control and value engineering
  • Risk management, including maintaining the risk register and risk analysis/assessment
  • Earned Value Management and Earned Schedule, including WBS, OBS and other breakdown structures
  • Document control
  • Forensic Assessment for required diagnosis of schedule and cost
  • Supplier performance measurement / oversight
  • The element of a project management methodology that integrate these disciplines both within the ‘controls’ domain and with other project management functions



• Transmission lines up to 132kv, including planning, profiling, designing and templating
• Injection and switching substations up to 132kv
• Overheard and Underground Municipal and Rural Distribution Systems

• Low cost Reticulation Systems
• Overhead Reticulation Systems
• Underground Reticulation Systems

• Residential Hot Water Load Control using Ripple Technology
• Industrial Load Control
• Load Control in large building complexes
• Quality of Supply Investigations

• Street Lighting • Area Lighting • Highway Lighting • Stadium Lighting • All types of buildings

• Telemetering for water and sewage systems
• Telecontrol of Electrical Reticulation Systems

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RPS Ilangabi Services offers a wide scope of Electrical Services from the Concept Phase through to the Final Handover Stage. Our expertise in the field of Electrical Building Services includes, but is not limited to, the following:

  • HV and MV installations
  • Residential and Urban Electrical Infrastructure
  • Lighting protection and earthing
  • Building Electrical Services
  • Area lighting
  • Generator/essential supply installation/standby electricity supply systems
  • Telephone/PABX installations
  • Motor/pump control and protection


Traditionally, businesses have in the main, concerned themselves with profit maximisation with scant regard to social issues like skills, training, empowerment and employment creation. The new democratic dispensation now requires this view to change somewhat, largely due to social pressures by non-governmental organizations, civil society and governmental initiatives.  

At RPS Africa, social development and empowerment issues are at the heart of our operations. This comes naturally, perhaps because of our nature as a Black Economic Empowerment Corporation. We are convinced that it is not only desirable, but also indeed necessary to create wealth while solving social problems.  

RPS Africa has taken a conscious decision to actively encourage community involvement in all our activities. This way, skills will be developed, employment created and economic activities stimulated in the underdeveloped communities.  

Our aim is to promote the Community Co-ordination Committees concept and in the following brief discussions, we indicate how these would work in project management:

  •  All our projects, as far as is possible and in consultation with client needs, would have to be designed and implemented in such a way that they are labour intensive
  •  Equipment and materials should be provided so that they do not act as barriers for the small community based  contractors  
  •  As far as possible, all community-based projects should have a training component so that previous experience and skills do not deter the small contractors 
  • Project documentation should be as simple as possible to enable the inexperienced contractors and labourers to do the work


  • Management of all Institutional Electrical Services including Planning, Procurement, Installation, Repair and Maintenance
  • Management of all Institutional Services
  • Demand Side Management for Electrical Power for Institutions
  • Monitoring Energy Utilisation Patterns to ensure Efficiency and Optimisation


  • Guidance to clients on options to meet telecommunications needs effectively
  • Optimisation of networks for providers


  • Business process mapping and optimisation
  • Key person placement and training




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